Interpage Network Services Charts Index

Interpage Services Charts, arranged by service type, are presented here for easy service comparisons and links back to the respective services. Click here to return to the Interpage home page.

Messaging and Paging

Interpage Messaging & Paging services foster greater integration between the Internet and more traditional/legacy communications media and devices. These services facilitate messaging from web, cloud-based, or hosted servers and applications for large-scale messaging integration via the Enterprise Messaging/Paging Gateway, as well as for smaller, personal applications such as e-mail notification and distribution via Personal Messaging/Paging Services. Other additional messaging/paging services include virtual numeric paging; TAP/IXO gateways for operator dispatch, alarm and monitoring equipment; messaging test services to ensure equipment is up and running, customized Interactive Voice Response systems which incorporate and expand upon the Messaging/Paging services, and more.

Fax Services​

Interpage's Fax Gateway send, receive, and other services include a fast, highly effective and configurable sendfax and email-to-fax service by which plaintext, HTML and other files or Web-based URL data may be converted to fax messages and transmitted to any fax machine worldwide. Other fax services include automated order and inquiry fulfillment via fax, fax reception with secure online viewing, and automated fax reception and multiple destinations and also redistribution based on CallerID, Caller Name ID, or fax header Station ID. A fax test service automatically monitors and tests fax servers, corporate fax banks, or stand-alone fax machines, and provides immediate alerts to on-call personnel via text message, page, e-mail, fax, and voice alert in the event that a given fax machine fails to respond, fails to receive, is out of paper, or some other error condition is detected.

Voice Services

Interpage's Voice Messaging and Integration services integrate Internet and Web-based applications, servers and notification systems with traditional voice telephony and messaging, providing a physical link or gateway between web/cloud-based servers or applications and landline/POTS phones, cellular/mobile phones, pagers, e-mail, fax, and other devices and destinations. Emergency/critical response alerts may be sent out or broadcast to multiple voice recipients (with confirmations of receipt sent back to the originator), operator-dispatch or legacy voicemail systems can be enabled to message cell phones & e-mail upon receipt of new messages, customer polling or feedback may be integrated into an IVR or other telephone tree, and other customized applications to move voice alerts, commands, and responses to/from Internet and mobile devices are all enabled via Interpage's voice services.

Other Services

Interpage's Ancillary/Other services and features which are not identified  in the messaging / paging, fax, or voice chart sections (to the left) are those for services which serve specialized, custom needs which do not fully fit within the confines of the more generalized Interpage service offerings. Other services also include hybrid services which span more than one type of service offering, such as LobbyByFax (real-time constituent response web-to-fax service), LinkAlert (Internet connectivity and web site failure monitoring and notification), Custom IVR (customized IVR/telephone trees for order confirmation, alert receipt confirmation, polling, and other telephone applications), and others.